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With an extensive complement of features and amenities, Green Exchange delivers a superior environment and experience for tenants, their employees and all who frequent the location. Join the growing community of Green Exchange businesses:

  • Ale Syndicate

    Ale Syndicate Brewers was founded by brothers Jesse Edwin Evans and Samuel Evans and aims to make beers that are uniquely Chicago. In July 2014, the brewery started production in the space directly west of the Green Exchange main campus. 
    The space was an old train station for the town of Maplewood, which was annexed by the city in the 1800's. It now houses a 20 barrel system (producing around 40 kegs of beer at a time), 6 fermenters and also provides an incubator space to other start up breweries. Ale Syndicate hopes to open a tap room where visitors can grab a pint and watch the brewers at work sometime in 2015. 
    "We're excited to be part of the Green Exchange and Logan Square", said Samuel Evans. "We're eager to create a community space that will not only serve innovative and unique brews, but also a place for neighbors to enjoy local music and culture." 
    Learn more about Ale Syndicate by visiting their website: 

  • Coyote Logistics

    Coyote Logistics is the fastest-growing privately owned logistics and transportation company in the country.  Coyote Logistics was launched to bring a better experience to the transportation industry. Its unique operating model, supported by a proprietary technology platform and a growing team of energetic, highly-trained logistics experts, allows it to efficiently aggregate the capacity of an increasingly dense network of transportation partners and match that capacity with the shipping needs of its customer base. Coyote delivers the inherent cost advantages and flexibility of a non-asset based model without compromising on visibility, control, or reliability.

    In addition to striving to provide optimal service and support domestic transportation and supply chain operations throughout North America, Coyote strives for efficiency and sustainability. The company specializes in fleet backhaul, which utilizes client’s trucks to transport loads on return trips reducing the number of trucks transporting half or empty loads, to reduce emissions and overall carbon footprint. Coyote is continuously looking for Green solutions and look forward to our move to the Green Exchange in the Spring of 2011.  For more information, please visit
  • Domicile Consulting

    Founded in 1998, Domicile Consulting is a dedicated inspection and building performance firm that provides home inspection, energy audit and leak, moisture and mold inspection services.

    We help Chicago area homebuyers, owners and associations gain the fullest possible understanding of the systems and components inside and outside their building based on an objective, fair and accurate assessment of its condition. This knowledge enables our clients to make informed, confident decisions, resulting in substantial savings on renegotiated contract prices, repair credits and the ability to optimize their property to its highest level of performance and energy use.

    The key to Domicile’s service is our team’s extensive knowledge, training and experience, which we use to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and usable inspection reports. Compare our reports to the competitions', and you’ll see why Domicile Consulting is the preferred choice for nearly 3000 individuals and groups each year.

  • Ergawealth Advisors

    Ergawealth Advisors is an independent and unbiased provider of wealth management services to individuals and their families. Our true 360° wealth management approach delivers a holistic and consultative goal based and result driven process aimed at reaching our clients’ financial and non-financial aspirations.
    Our mission is to help ensure that all areas of our clients’ personal finances are aligned and consistent with their life’s goals. We emphasize forging strong personal relationships with our clients as we provide proactive and ongoing guidance on the four cornerstones of personal wealth management; Organize, Plan, Protect, and Invest.
    As our clients’ wealth manager, we become their personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - someone who works with them collaboratively to determine, implement, and monitor their customized financial strategies through all their life stages; from wealth accumulation to wealth distribution.
    Our office at the Green Exchange (LEED Platinum Certified Standards) is representative of our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. In addition, we utilize technology to improve operational efficiencies, reduce the use of paper (paperless office), and diminish our carbon footprint by offering our clients online meetings.
  • Greenhouse Loft

    Greenhouse Loft is the country's premier sustainable event venue. From weddings and social gatherings to meetings and corporate events, Greenhouse Loft seeks to redefine what an event venue can be.

    Greenhouse Loft is a space where guests come to share ideas and experiences in a beautiful, sustainable environment that is unlike anything in the country.

    Greenhouse Loft is the latest project from the folks behind West Loop Studio. For photos and more, visit
  • Institute for Workplace Education

    IWE is the leading provider of dual language workforce development services in Illinois. We add value to organizations by delivering results-driven, customized training services in a responsive, professional manner. IWE can help you eliminate gaps in your employee pipeline by helping to recruit and train new hires, and IWE can help you boost your bottom line by training your current employees or new hires. We provide training in all industries, including manufacturing, health care, construction, small business, service, non-profit and green technologies, and we use experienced trainers, effective training materials, and adult education methods to ensure that the training meets your business objectives.  IWE delivers training services including needs assessment, training deployment, and grant writing to underwrite the cost of training for our clients.

    Fore more information:
  • IPaintMyMind

    IPaintMyMind is a nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to make art accessible to everyone.

    Through our digital arts magazine, funding art projects, and our arts services & programs, we connect the public with great emerging art. IPMM isn’t just an arts curator, website, gallery, or community organization: we’re all of those things.

    We work to provide the virtual and physical spaces that enable public art awareness, education, and patronage. Our curation reflects a global worldview, an appreciation of all mediums, and an emphasis on affordable artwork. 

    Learn about our hallmark arts program, Shared Walls™ by clicking here.
  • Newgrange Development

    Newgrange Development LLC is a Building Design, Construction, and General Contracting Company with a focus on sustainable developments. We are passionate about sustainable design, quality construction, and environmental responsibility. With our in-house team of LEED AP’s and Construction Professionals, we offer design, construction, and general contracting services for your home or building project. Our goal is maximize value for our clients and the environment through effective, efficient, and resourceful buildings.  From single family homes and multi-family buildings - to commercial construction, we’re here to retrofit existing buildings and build high performing new ones. To learn more visit us at
  • Overgrad

    Overgrad is a small team of developers, engineers, and former educators based in Chicago that are on a mission to create prosperous future opportunities for students of all backgrounds. We offer a free college and career readiness web platform for high schools, school districts, and community- based organizations. Once on our platform, Overgrad helps students understand what they can do, explore what they want to do, and show them what they should do next.

  • Pivotal Production

    Harnessing the combined powers of traditional and new media, we create marketing strategies that deliver. 

    At Pivotal we embrace what's known and what's next. Because it's not either/or. Traditional media is not dying. It’s evolving. And while it's true that brands that do not evolve will die, any marketer who does not embrace the bedrock principles of smart, time-tested, brand-building, classically-modeled methods will also be left on the side of the digital road. That is the Pivotal difference.

    Pivotal has been named one of the Top 10 'Small but Mighty' B Corporations in the world.

  • PM Environmental, Inc. is a full-service environmental and engineering consulting firm with offices throughout the United States. Services include Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, Brownfield Redevelopment, Environmental Compliance Audits, Building Facilities Services, Underground Storage Tank Management, and more. PM Environmental’s sister company, EFA, is a sustainability consulting group with a focus on energy efficiency in buildings. Our service lines include; energy auditing, building commissioning, LEED consulting, and Building Shell Testing. EFA works with business owners and property managers to managers to help reduce operational costs and identify cost effective energy efficiency strategies. Visit our websites at and
  • Purple Asparagus

    Purple Asparagus is a non-profit that educates children, families, and the community about eating that’s good for the body and the planet. Nutrition education programs are at the heart of our work. We offer practical and engaging programs so children and their families can learn about healthy eating.

    We encourage children to taste fruits and vegetables that they might otherwise never consider and to engage in interactive cooking lessons to spark their interest in imagining, tasting, and creating healthy meals.

    Purple Asparagus’ flagship program – Delicious, Nutritious Adventures – provides interactive and fun nutrition education classes in elementary schools. Students taste new foods and learn where they come from, how they benefit their bodies, and how to make simple and healthy meals using them. Written recipes go home to parents so families can cook these at home.

    Purple Asparagus also offers Good Eating for Families classes to help parents bring healthy foods into their diets with recipes, tastings, and cooking demonstrations. During the summer, our Family Fun at Farmers’ Markets activities engage families in hands-on cooking projects using unfamiliar but healthy foods.

    For more info, please visit

  • Rainforest Learning Center

    Rainforest is an early childhood learning center training tomorrow's global citizens.  With an environmental arts based curriculum, Rainforest focuses on the child's creative spirit using specialty materials like mosaics, ceramics, and pottery.  It's non-traditional approach to early childhood education has received notice and acclaim from some of the city's most prominent private and public elementary programs, who are now educating Rainforest graduates.  Rainforest cares for children as young as six weeks and as old as six years. It is a full day program that is open Monday thru Friday, year round.

    Green Exchange is the second location for Rainforest, and we are excited to partner with them as they expand.  Anyone interested in seeing what Rainforest is all about is invited to visit their location here at 2545 W. Diversey, Chicago IL 60647 or by contacting them at 773-384-4466 or

    For more information: 


  • Shades of Green

    Shades of Green Building Services is a green cleaning building services contractor operating throughout the Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin region. We offer a wide variety of services, including: Janitorial maintenance, carpet shampooing, floor restoration, window washing, construction clean up and day porters; all green seal certified and environmentally friendly. Specializing in servicing commercial properties, educational facilities, condominium associations and multifamily housing, Shades Of Green is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, with more than 20 years management experience behind us, and a solid client roster that includes Class A properties and LEED buildings up to 250,000 square feet and beyond.
  • Spartan Surfaces

    Spartan Surfaces is a sales and consulting group specializing in commercial flooring. At Spartan, we pride ourselves in taking a human-centered approach to finding the right product for each and every application.  People are at the center of everything we do.  At every step of the selection process, we put ourselves in the shoes of the people involved - from the architect to the designer, manufacturer to installer, owner’s representative to end user.  We start with you - your priorities, goals and challenges - and end by evaluating our work based on your success.

    Spartan is a team of great people dedicated to great products, great families, great friendships, and great happiness.  Check out our website to learn more about the Spartan team and our comprehensive product offering at 

    Michael J. Blasek , LEED AP (Managing Partner of Spartan Surfaces | Midwest) is the former Chairman and founding member of the Illinois chapter of the USGBC.  He has served on the Regional Heartland Council and is on many of the USGBC corresponding committees.

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  • Till School

    Till is a design-based education for students who are looking for an alternative to a traditional college or university. Students are faced with current problems as they work with real clients, equipping them with the real-world experience that many schools fail to provide. It teaches students how to think critically and communicate effectively as they build a portfolio of work right after high school. Till will be launching its two-year program in the Fall of 2016! 
  • Zero Landfill

    ZeroLandfill Chicago is a volunteer-run organization that diverts expired materials samples from the landfill and makes them available for free to local artists, educators and community members. Each spring and fall, ZeroLandfill Chicago hosts an event where we invite local architecture/design libraries and showrooms to drop off expired materials samples including but not limited to: carpet, paint, laminate, vinyl, rubber, fabric, tile, binders glass, wood, sample books, and more. We organize a volunteer-based “harvest” where community members can gather these free materials and get creative! 
    Anyone can join the ZeroLandfill™ Chicago effort.  We’re looking for architecture/design libraries and showrooms to contribute expired materials samples; volunteers to sort and distribute the samples; artists, educators, students, or community members to use the samples; and sponsors to make this a successful event.  
    Email, and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

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